Prefabricated houses


The basic building material is a tree that with its structure, color and smell positively influences human health and as such it is valid for the healthiest building material.

Wall panels are produced from ecological OSB plates coated with plasterboard boards. Also, as the insulating material, natural mineral wool and styrofoam are used, which are excellent natural, thermal and sound insulation.


Since all mounting elements are made in
Our firm, the time it takes to build a house is in fact time needed for
assembly of finished elements, i.e. 3 to 7 days.


Montažne kuće dosta su lakše od klasično zidanih kuća, a to omogućuje postavljanje na slabije nosećim površinama (nema masivnih temelja). Takođe, dobra konstrukcija naših kuća omogućava da one budu otpornije na zemljotrese od kuća zidanih ciglom i blokovima.


Because they’re great thermal insulation, our houses save up to 40% on heating costs.


Price in the first phase 150-250 euros, second phase 250-350 euros, third phase – agreement.


In our offer we have many types of wall elements, all elements are made according to the prescribed standards.

We distinguish the partition or façade wall elements of assembly houses.

According to customer’s wish, each element can be with or without built-in carpentry.

In order to optimize the assembly process itself, the wall elements of the typical assembly houses are made in our workshop in modular dimensions, allowing a short installation time for a few days to get a mounted object.

The facade wall differs according to the type and thickness of the outer lining, materials with proven and proven good isolation properties are used.

The construction of the elements is made of a wooden ram that is coated with the chipboard.

Stone wool and PVC foil are embedded between.

After the installation of the buildings, the facade walls are to be covered with construction styrofoam, masonry and priming of the curved façade.

On the inside, the walls are covered with a gypsum board.

The walls of sanitary rooms and kitchens are covered with waterproof gypsum board boards.

Prism of the wall construction looks like
like this:


The basic features of the type of facility are the speed of assembly, depending on the requirements and the mounting requirements, which lasts up to a week, and the complete construction process of the prefabricated house lasts for about one month.

All elements such as wooden foundations are made of millimeter precision, assembly of elements and assembly in one whole is performed easily and quickly.

Wooden elements are protected from deterioration and moisture.

Condor is placed underneath all wall elements or foundations.

When fabricating, a wall-mounted currents are installed in the wall elements (electricity is not indented).


The carpentry is made of healthy and dry building materials. According to the requirements of the room, the dimensions of the opening are determined. The interior doors are double-glazed, full or half-glazed. At customer’s request, the windows can be fitted with a flap closure. Finishing of joinery is done with a thermal insulation glass 4 + 12 + 4 mm.

Balcony doors and windows are single, single-screen, open around the vertical axle, with the exception of a 60×60 cm window that opens around both axles with tilt-sloping joints. As part of the window and balcony doors, the shutters with movable gates are used. The joinery is wooden, but there is a possibility of installing PVC or Aluminum joinery. The type of carpentry as well as its dimensions are precisely defined when signing the contract.

The entrance door is secured with a lock lock with the lock, and the other door with locks.

All the carpenters are colored with color satin according to the buyer’s wishes.


Roof construction is made of lattice carriers, all in accordance with the statistical budget. Roof rails are covered with a 24-mm boat deck in roof planes, ceiling louvres in ceiling planes and vertical and horizontal rails, thus achieving spatial stability of the roof and the facility.

Thick-walled panels are provided with a steel sheet, longitudinal and transversal slats of 24×48 mm, which is provided by the roofing underneath the roof covering. The calcareous sections are coated with a chipboard, overlaid by styrofoam and facade. Below the lower bonnet of the roof supports is a ceiling grille of 40×48, overlaid with PVC foil. and the gypsum board.With the upper side is placed mineral wool 80mm. The ropes of the roof are covered with a boat’s dotted planks, and the sheaves are profiled with a lampholder over the 40×48 mm cross-section. Boats and shelves are painted in color by the customer’s wishes.

Covering the roof is done with a standard crepe M 222. There is a possibility of installing some other coverings such as roofs (in four colors), tiles, hollows as well as other covers depending on the needs and wishes of Customers.


The ceiling structure of the prefabricated houses consists of barbecue, insulation, steam dam and ceiling coverings.


Limarine works are mandatory in all our homes. Stoppers should be made of different materials, such as plain sheet metal, copper and fiberglass, and everything is fine when signing the contract. Our standard are round-bottomed flashes.


When signing the contract, we specify the manner and type of walling, ie whether it will be masonry with ordinary bricks or shamed elements (Šidel Funnel)


The standard floor that is built into the houses that the company is making is laminate. When the laminate is installed, it is possible for the Buyer to choose the color and pattern. In addition to the laminate there is the possibility of installing a ship’s floor, parquet. Also, the possibility of more precise choices was left.


Plumbing and sewage installation is done exclusively before casting the concrete slab at precisely planned locations.

The electrical installation is being done during construction, and the entire installation is drained through the throat hose.


The company builds high-quality ceramics of domestic manufacturers (by arrangement and foreign). As for the way of installation, the bathroom is covered with all four side tiles plus a floor, while in the kitchen, all four sides of the wall are covered, but unlike the bathroom, the height at which it is installed does not exceed 1.50m. Except in the bathroom and kitchen, there is the possibility of installing tiles in other rooms, in accordance with the requirements and needs of the Buyer.

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